Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photo Hunt- Thirteen 13

This weeks theme is Thirteen and in this picture there is 13 people! 12 watching and 1 riding.
There is 13 stripes on an American Flag
And in June we will have a Friday the 13th.
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lv2scpbk said...

Never thought about the flag. Excellent choice.

Melli said...

All 3 are great ideas! (that flag needs to be replaced though - it's tattered...) This is the FIRST I've seen mentioned of Friday the 13th - or any "superstion" regarding the number! GREAT job!

crazy working mom said...

Uh oh...hiding under couch, a Friday the 13th?! ***Bites nails***
Naaaahhh...just kiddin'. They don't scare me.

Great shots.

Happy Hunting.

Frances said...

Great pictures/ideas for this weeks theme - especially about Friday the 13th! I didn't even think about that one.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

kacey said...

The flag! Good choice. And the next Friday the 13th. Good take on the theme.

SJ said...

Good choices in your photos! I knew it wouldn't be that hard for you.