Friday, February 29, 2008

More Yummy Food...

I think I'm still a kid at heart when it comes to some foods, especially Pop Tarts. They remind me of when I was a kid, my Mom would buy them and I would pop them in the toaster before going to school or I would grab them as I was running out the door to catch the bus.

Then I grew up and didn't buy them anymore. Until I had Hannah.

Hannah and I would be grocery shopping and she would see them in the cereal aisle and ask for them. I decided to give them a try one day and bought them, knowing that as a kid I loved Pop Tarts. Sometimes she'd even ask for them for dinner, and I would give them to her because getting her to eat at times was just a struggle. I knew she'd eat Pop Tarts, so why not?

My only problem with regular Pop Tarts was that they were high in sugar, and I always thought how nice it would be to have an option that was more healthy. Hannah eventually stopped eating Pop Tarts as often, and so I stopped buying them.

Recently I've re-introduced Hannah to Pop Tarts and that's because I was lucky enough to try them out with an offer from M0m Central. I was worried that they would not be as tasty, or that Hannah would take one look at them and decide they weren't for her (they aren't covered completely covered with icing anymore, it's drizzled on instead), but that didn't seem to bother her on bit. She wanted one as soon as I pulled them out of the package. And she sat and ate the whole thing! I guess I have found another great product that my child will eat, and as a bonus it's healthy for her.

Check for them the next time you are cruising the cereal aisle at your grocery store. The new Kellogg's® Whole Grain Pop-Tarts® in Strawberry are very good, taste pretty much like the regular Pop Tarts and are even good for the kid still in me. Because you know I had to try them for myself.

Thanks again Mom Central!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Just Want To Say....

Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Happy Birthday to BS
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!
Hope you have as nice as a day as possible. I know it is not the same without family.

Go on over to BS and wish her a BIG one.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photo Hunt- Wooden

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hungry? In a Hurry??

"MORNING STRESS!" I know there are some mornings that I have to get up and get going when I don't take the time to give Hannah or myself a nutritious breakfast. It is almost impossible.

Do you ever wish that someone would come up with something that would help make your manic mornings a little easier? I know I do.

That's why I'm helping out Mom Central and introducing you to Breakfast BREAKS.
Each convenient package of Breakfast BREAKS contains a balanced breakfast for kids including cereal (Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms), that can be enjoyed with or without milk, Minute Maid® 100% fruit juice, and a healthy snack. I wish I would have found these sooner because they have saved me a few times when I've been in a pinch for breakfast ideas. Hannah loves them! And quite frankly, so do I!
And too, they're are great to throw into a backpack to take to school, or for an after school snack, and even perfect for just leaving on your shelf at home. Plus, these handy pre-packed breakfasts even come with a napkin, spoon, and a moist towelette for those days where breakfast is on the go. Absolutely a great idea!
Breakfast BREAKS were originally developed for schools to ensure that the children served were receiving the USDA requirement of at least 25% of the recommended key nutrients they needed each day, with the addition of 8 oz. of low fat milk. After continual requests from busy moms across the U.S. to make Breakfast BREAKS available at local grocery stores, and they did just that! I know I'll be taking advantage of the convenience next time I'm at the grocery store!

If you'd like more information about Breakfast BREAKS, please visit their website.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photo Hunter-Free

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Yummy for your Tummy...

I'm helping the ladies over at Mom Central with their Yoplait Kids blog tour in hopes to spread the word about some good tasting yogurt. For me, the key is finding things my child really enjoys, so when I learned that Yoplait Kids has 25% less sugar than the leading kid's yogurt, I was curious. And besides, it's convenient, and a wholesome snack. Isn't everyone looking for good snacks for their kids these days?

These sip-able and spoon-able yogurts provide calcium, vitamins A and D, and Omega-3 DHA (which has been proven to help brain development). They come in kid-friendly flavors like banana, strawberry, peach and vanilla. Hannah likes the creamy taste, but wasn't a big fan of the peach flavor. I love the nutritional benefits and the portability of the yogurt drink.

When Hannah asks for something to drink, she goes right for the Yoplait Kids sip-able's. I've even had to tell her No because she would drink one right after another until they were gone. She likes them that much!

Go visit Yoplait Kids and get your coupon for a FREE sample. And as a sidenote these coupons are not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee. The offer is good while coupon supplies last. So get on over there and check it out.

You won't be sorry.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

NEMO Get Back Here........

First Day of School!!

Last night was the night finally for Hannah and I to go to see Nemo On Ice. And I have to say it was pretty cool. I took a few pictures (296!) and I'm not to happy with the way they turned out. That's why I took sooooo many; I wanted to make sure that I had at least some that came out half way decent.

So here we go.....

Fish are friends, not food.

T went with us.

Welcome, Brother Sharkbait! This is the "The Ring of Fire"...

Just had to throw this picture in there although it's not a very good picture. When you bought a program or a bag of cotton candy you got this hat. Oh and see those two other people in the picture (to the right)?? They went with us as well.

This little clownfish joined us too!

You so rock, Dude!!! I think this part was my favorite.

You know, I Speak whale!

Father and son reunited at last!!

I Love you Dad! I Love you to Son!!

And then you have Dory. There is just something about Ellen that makes her so funny.

And yes Mickey, Minnie, Goofey and Donald Duck were there too.

All in all the show was very nice and the kids (including mine) enjoyed the show. If anyone gets the chance to go I would recommend that you do. Be prepared to spend some money though.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Got Tagged

This is new to me. SJ tagged me with a meme so I will try it.I was tagged before but didn't do it because I had only been blogging for a couple of months. With that said here we go.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN BLOGGING? Well I guess I have been blogging for about 2 months but I have been reading for over a year.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START A BLOG & WHO ARE YOUR MENTORS? I would have to say SJ and BS inspired me start a blog. And my mentors would be the ones that I read.

ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE MONEY ON-LINE OR JUST DOING IT FOR FUN? No I am not trying to make money doing this at all. I'm doing it to keep in touch with family and as well with hopes to make new friends along the way.

WHAT THREE (3) THINGS DO YOU LOVE ABOUT BEING ONLINE? I have too much time on my hands during the day (I'm on the computer all day, everyday). I love reading all the blogs I have found so far, and I love the fact that I can keep family updated on my daughter, even though I haven't put many pictures of her on here (I will though, I promise).


TAG 3 PEOPLE: I think a lot of people have been tagged already, so I won't tag anybody. If you read this and want to do it, please feel free. Just leave me a comment so I can come check yours out.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bill Was In Town.....

This morning I was reading the newspaper (online) and read that Bill Clinton was going to be at UMW (University of Mary Washington). Since I don't live that far from there, and since my husband Gary works there, I thought what the heck! I'll go and see if I can catch a glimpse of him.

I got on the phone and called Gary to see if he thought I could park at his jobsite, and if so, would I have a better advantage to actually see Bill Clinton, and he said YES!!! And so I was off. On my way though I stopped and picked up some lunch for Gary.

When I got there, he jumped in the car and sat with Hannah so he could eat his lunch, and I took off and went for a walk. This is what is was able to get from a far....

I would have had a better shot if the guy beside me wouldn't have hit my arm. He was doing the same thing I was of course - trying to get a picture. The only difference was that he didn't have a flip-screen on his camera like I did so that he could hold the camera above his head and still see what he was taking a picture of.

If you want to read about it you can go to here. They have more pictures and a video of his visit.

It's kind of funny that I had the opportunity to do this today because yesterday BS called me and said "Guess who I got a phone call from today??"

I said "Who??"

And she said "BILL CLINTON!!"

So I called her today and said "You got a phone call, and I got a picture!!"

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Photo Hunter- Heavy

I think this rock would be rather HEAVY if it were to fall on this guy.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Photo Hunters - Narrow

Today's theme is Narrow and I think everything about this place is Narrow. When I went to Colorado about 10 years ago, SJ and her hubby were nice enough to take me to Bishop's Castle and MAN!!! was it WONDERFUL to see!! When I went back to Colorado in August of 2007, this was one of the 'must do' things that I had on my list.

This castle is a work in progress and has been built by one man, and one man only. And when we were there I was lucky enough to get his autograph. I know he's not a famous person but he should be. If you ever go to Colorado it would be well worth the trip to visit this piece of art, and make sure you take time to look at everything that Jim Bishop has built with his own hands.


Can you believe that one man has made every bit of this? Pretty cool huh!

These are the windows on the side of the castle by the NARROW steps. He also has some stained glass windows in the front of the castle that have little verses on them or In Memory of, or just names of people that have made donations.

It's a neat place. That's for sure.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

I WON! I WON!!!!

Yes! I won something. And yes it is a big deal because I never win. In the last 6 months of reading blogs I have left comments and to my surprise I have won some goodies!

On this one I won a gift card from Krogers! And on this one I won some really cool knives! And on this one I won a Jump Start learning cd for Hannah.

Check out these great blogs and them leave comments on their contests and you never know, you might just win.