Saturday, February 2, 2008

Photo Hunters - Narrow

Today's theme is Narrow and I think everything about this place is Narrow. When I went to Colorado about 10 years ago, SJ and her hubby were nice enough to take me to Bishop's Castle and MAN!!! was it WONDERFUL to see!! When I went back to Colorado in August of 2007, this was one of the 'must do' things that I had on my list.

This castle is a work in progress and has been built by one man, and one man only. And when we were there I was lucky enough to get his autograph. I know he's not a famous person but he should be. If you ever go to Colorado it would be well worth the trip to visit this piece of art, and make sure you take time to look at everything that Jim Bishop has built with his own hands.


Can you believe that one man has made every bit of this? Pretty cool huh!

These are the windows on the side of the castle by the NARROW steps. He also has some stained glass windows in the front of the castle that have little verses on them or In Memory of, or just names of people that have made donations.

It's a neat place. That's for sure.

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Melli said...

Oh Wow! I would like to visit there! I loooooove those narrow steps... I'm not sure I would climb them though!

Karen said...

Those windows are amazing! That staircase reminds me of my aunt and uncle's house - they have one of those incredibly narrow spiral staircase's to a tiny room in the attic. I can barely squeeze through there - but then again, I'm amazon woman so ... you know.

Write From Karen

Sarge Charlie said...

very cool, huh

Utah Mommy said...

Great shots for the theme! Happy hunting!

SJ said...

I don't think I would have ever visited Bishops Castle if it wasn't for you - you're the one that found it so Thank You. It's a great place! And yes, very narrow all over the place!

denz said...

wow! you have a very nice picture and I love the way you put consistency of the picture, indeed you have a great post! keep it up!!!

here's mine:
Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

ChrisB said...

That looks like a wonderful place to visit.As I'm never likely to get the opportunity for real I'm glad to have shared the experience through your photographs~ thank you